Who Are We?

Here it’s all about the people!
Here it’s all about you!

We carry the concept of "brand" about which many articles have been written, discussed and talked to date, from products to people. We just focus on to create and develop people´s personal brands.

Why do we prioritize to work for people?

People are more trusted and popular than products in today´s world.

We are passionate about creating and developing the personal brands of those who believe in the power of being a unique brand instead of being an individual stereotype in the competitive world.

Why Us?

To create a strong personal brand, you need a personal brand consultant to help you create and manage your personal brand in a strategic, effective and consistent way.

However, trying to manage the people who works for your brand in this process, such as social media professionals, copywriters, designers, developers, professional photographers, stylists, can be quite exhausting.

Instead of this, while you focus on your business, we focus on your brand.

How Do We Work?

StalkMe!” knows the value of your time. 

We are implementing an intensive program that will last only 1 day for your personal brand studies. And in the ongoing process, we create and deliver to you all the brand assets you need with our team of experts in their field.

What Do We Focus On?

We do all our work to position you as one of the visible names of your sector. 

We focus on transforming the name of business entrepreneurs, business people, senior managers, professionals and talents from every sector into an industry-specific leader of ideas.


Why Personal Brand?

Building Trust In The Target Audience
Differentiating From Competitors
Gaining Reputation
Growing Network
Making Media Presence Easier
Ensuring Different Career Opportunities And Revenue Growth
Strengthening The Current Position
Enhancing The Brand Value Of The Enterprise
For all of these, you will need the power of your personal brand.



Creator & Founder

As Billur Ertugrul, my brand mission is to make sure that humans are more discoverable, prone to sharing, and leave a permanent impression on the mind.

Top level executives, entrepreneurs, businessmen, any talents or professionals in any sector...

I am trying hard to evolve those who have a presence in business life into a magnate.

I am concentrated on creating an analysis-focused personal branding and developing digital assets for more opportunities and more visibility, 

When I look at the statistical figures, the needs of new world people’s needs, the chaos that permeates through the competitive world and the authentic human power underlined by the digital, I see that creating a personal brand is the single way forward with no return. 

Alright, then how have I reached here?

I started to work in an agency in 2010 and its mission was to describe what social media is and would be; so I stepped into the marketing world.

I created and managed social media assets of many global brands with millions of followers. 

Over the past decade, I have had significant experiences as an academic, and a copywriter and a digital communication director in a global marketing agency. There were many internationally awarded projects which I created with my team.

I eventually got to know “personal branding” as a result of a long and meaningful story in early 2019. It took my breath away that I was now working for people in my brand studies which had always been for products up to then.

And now I have founded StalkMe!, the first personal branding agency in MENA.

Now, my team and I are working dedicatedly and happily to create, develop and manage brands for people only.

Billur Ertuğrul